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                                   From The Heart Supportive Care

                                          Aging at home with HEART

                                   Our Story

Helping you Live your Best Life

Our Mission and Goals

The collective experiences of From the Heart Team members in providing personal care has been established in rehabilitation centers, dementia units, complex care settings, palliative and pastoral care settings ,long term care units, restorative care programs, and childcare settings. Each allowing us to witness on a personal level, the healthcare crisis we Canadians are currently facing. The rising number of people living with a dementia diagnosis, hallway healthcare, long term care wait lists, lack of one-on-one person centered care, over worked and over stressed healthcare professionals, and budget cuts are just a few of the contributing factors to this never ending crisis.  Where this crisis may be cause for concern, From the Heart Supportive Care is dedicated to supporting the healthcare goals and independent living of  each of our Clients.

Balancing the Wheel

The Whole Person 

With a common goal of providing the complete WHOLE PERSON care we want and need for ourselves and our loved ones, our mission at From the Heart Supportive Care has been built on the principles of caring for the whole person with empathy and compassion. We, as human beings need more than just physical care and support. We need emotional/psychological care, we need social care, and we need spiritual care.  When one of these needs are no longer being met, we become unbalanced. A wheel cannot roll smoothly if it is not balanced, and we cannot expect to achieve optimum physical health and wellness without balance and a healthy mindset first. Our focus on ALL four aspects of human health requirements support the emotional/psychological, social, spiritual, and physical care of each of our Clients in an effort to help them thrive.... not just survive.

Whole Person Care