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          From The Heart Supportive Care

                Aging at home with HEART


Q. Are you a licensed, insured and registered home care agency?

A.   Although we ARE licensed, insured and registered, we are not a home care agency.  We are privately owned and operated.

Q.  How many providers do you have available ?

A.  Our goal is to provide a very elite, personalized boutique style of home and supportive care, therefore we keep our Provider AND Client numbers low so that we may be available when called upon.

Q.  Where are you based, and how far do you travel?

A.  We are based out of Lansdowne and have expanded our Client  services to the Kingston, Gananoque, Brockville areas.

Q.  How many Clients do you have, and do you have a waiting list?

A.  In remaining true to our mission of providing extraordinary personalized care for aging at home, we have a very select Client base consisting of 1-2 Clients per care provider.  Our wait list is growing, however and we invite you to contact us for details.

Q. What are your rates?

A. Our rates start as low as $25/hour and may be covered under your private insurance provider, WSIB, FMHC, VON Smile program, and/or the Ministry of Health.

 Q. Are your services available last minute?

A.  As mentioned, our elite services are provided through a small Client/Provider ratio, therefore last minute services are not typically available. This said, we would be thrilled to add you to our Client roster for any last minute cancellations.