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                                   From The Heart Supportive Care

                                          Aging at home with HEART

Community Care & Support

From the Heart Supportive Care is happy to provide community care and support for Clients and families who need a little extra assistance at school, in hospital, long term care, palliative care, hospice settings and Pastoral care situations. While our Educators and Health care teams are simply amazing at what they do, the reality is one on  one care and assistance is not always within their ability. Staff shortages, large classrooms, and the increasing need for supports, limit what our professionals in the community are able to provide. 

Classroom Support

Individualized care and classroom support for childhood exceptionalities, such as autism, adhd, asperger,s cognitive impairments, language skills, physical needs

Wander Support and Management

Created to keep the mind and body stimulated for those with wandering tendencies. 

Palliative Care Support

 Comfort care, goal setting, respite, and companion care

Stroke/Injury Support

Companion care, Pastoral care, ROM exercises* Restorative care support,

Pastoral Care

Non denominational spiritual visits and support. Active listening

Hospice Care

Family Relief, Comfort care, Support measures, Pastoral care **where required

Memory Care Support

Memory stimulating games, physical activities, family support, music, art and nature therapy, behavior supports, Respite care